Switchboard SAT Testing & Installation

Switchboard SAT Testing & Installation
Pilbara, WA
Project dates
July 2019 - December 2019
Testing & Commissioning
Switchboard SAT Testing & Installation


Genus was engaged by Schneider to complete SAT testing and installation of a new SF6 switchboard complete with HV cable terminations, joints & testing.

The project included supply of HV Cable Terminators and testing technicians to test and install all equipment in accordance with client specifications.

Disciplines Employed

  • Project Delivery
  • Permit Management
  • Energisation

Scope of Works

  • Installation of new switchgear - panel by panel
  • Completion of transition joints in cable tray & pits
  • Completion of XLPE HV terminations onto new switchgear
  • Cable location & spiking
  • End-to-end testing to integrate Brownfields into Greenfields system
  • Testing of intertrips & comms systems
  • HV testing including IR, VLF and Tan Delta


Our full scope encompassed project delivery, customer liaison, regulatory consultation & permit management and project completion. The project was finalised with test reports and provision of a safety certificate, ready for energisation.

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